Sports Fans User Group

The members of the Sports Fan User Group with the Premier and Minister for Sport and Recreation 

The Sports Fans User Group with the Premier Colin Barnett, Minister for Sport and Recreation, Honourable Terry Waldron MLA and Parliamentary Secretary John McGrath MLA

The Sports Fans User Group was one of the user groups formed to provide practical and technical advice relating to sport and non-sport uses for Perth Stadium.

The Sports Fans User Group members were selected in February 2013 following the appointment of an evaluation panel who reviewed over 450 nominations. Thirty applicants were chosen that ensured a variety of Sports Fans were represented in the workshops covering multiple sports and a wide range of demographics.

A total of four sessions were held with this User Group over March and April 2013. The first session focused on the fan experience in the Stadium, the second on the Stadium Park and the third on transport. The fourth and final meeting was used to consolidate all of the key issues identified by the User Group and provided the Stadium Project Team with an opportunity to highlight the key suggestions which would be considered for the Project Brief.

Following the first three sessions, an online survey was distributed to all of the 450 applicants, to assess and reiterate some of the feedback provided. The responses from the surveys were collated with the feedback from the Sports Fans User Group, which helped inform the content in the Project Brief.

Below are some of the key themes from meetings which have taken place so far with the Sports Fan User Group:

Meeting one: Stadium (11 March 2013)

  • Seamless” experiences at main entrances,  whilst queuing for food, beverages and bathroom facilities.
  • Better visibility and comfort  through improving sight lines, more visible scoreboards, more television screens for viewing away from seat and protection from the elements.

Meeting two: Stadium Park (25 March 2013)

  • Desire to feel safe and secure around the precinct on event and non-event days.
  • Park needs to be an attractive destination with enough entertainment and facilities to justify visiting the area before/after an event and on non-event days.

Meeting three: Transport (8 April 2013)

  • Better crowd and transport management to reduce waiting time in queues.
  • Public transport needs to be efficient, safe and reliable so that patrons are more willing to use it when attending events at the Stadium.

Meeting four: Overview of Fans' Suggestions (22 April 2013)

Premier Colin Barnett, Minister for Sport and Recreation Terry Waldron and invited media attended a final workshop with the Sports Fans User Group. The session included a presentation on consolidated suggestions which were provided by the fans in previous meetings.

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Meeting five: Update Meeting (9 September 2013)

Following the release of the Request for Proposals (RFP) to the three consortia, the Sports Fans User Group were invited to meet again for a tour of the Burswood site and receive an overview of the fans' recommendations which were included in the RFP.