Land tenure

An aerial image of the Burswood Peninsula with areas of land highlight as Crown or freehold land

Freehold land (indicated in red overlay)
- Land over which the Crown has granted an exclusive right for an indefinite time period
Crown land (indicated in yellow overlay)
- Land that is owned by the Government and usually set aside for a specific public purpose

  • Crown Land is ‘C’ class reserve for purpose of parks and recreation.
  • Third party interests include:
    • Golfwest lease
    • Tennis Centre lease
    • Water Sports Centre lease
  • State Solicitors Office is providing advice on options for managing the Stadium site and its surrounds

An aerial image of the Burswood Peninsular with an area highlighted under the Burswood Casino Agreement act

Burswood Casino Agreement Act (indicated in purple overlay)

  • Establishes the Burswood Park Board
  • Provides funds for maintenance of the land around the Burswood Entertainment Complex (the ‘resort site’)

Future management options for the Stadium and Stadium Park are currently being investigated by the State Solicitor's Office