Geo-technical investigations


An image highlighting the change in Burswood Peninsula mapping

The geotechnical investigations undertaken for the Master Plan reveal that the Stadium location on the northern nine holes of the golf course is within the former Burswood Island (an area of land rather than river infill which occupies the southern portion of the Peninsula).

A range of developments, including the Casino and the Mirvac residential estate have been successfully constructed over the Burswood Peninsula 

Geo-technical cross section

A graphic highlighting the layers of soil underneath the new Perth Stadium site 

An image hightlight the Swan River alluvial line

The red dotted line indicates the Swan River alluvial line

The geotechnical investigation undertaken for the Master Plan include:

Site Investigations completed:

  • Desktop review of 120 geotech reports and 850 test sites
  • Site investigations (33 cone penetrometer tests)
  • Topographical survey

Further investigations, including six new geo-physical bore sites, occurring now as part of Project Definition Planning.

Existing developments on the Peninsula (marked in blue) have adopted a variety of approaches to manage ground conditions, including piling under major structures and preloading with sand. Other treatments have been adopted for service corridors, roads and paved areas.