Transport solution by bridge

Spectators will be able to access Perth Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park via a number of pedestrian bridges across the Swan River.

The Perth Stadium transport solution integrates train, bus and pedestrian options. It supports a cultural shift in the reliance on cars and will efficiently and safely move, within an hour of an event finishing, up to 50,000 people or 83 per cent of a capacity crowd while reducing the impacts on nearby residential and environmental areas.

Swan River Pedestrian Bridge - view from Windan Bridge

Swan River Pedestrian Bridge

With restricted parking on the Burswood Peninsula and established car parks in the CBD and East Perth, a number of people will be encouraged to walk across the Swan River to Perth Stadium and the surrounding Stadium Park.

A new Swan River Pedestrian Bridge will take pressure off Windan Bridge and divert pedestrians away from East Perth's high-density residential area.

The Swan River Pedestrian Bridge will serve as an entry statement to Perth Stadium with up to 14,300 people expected to use it on event days. It will also improve connections between East Perth and the Burswood Peninsula to attract locals and visitors to the Precinct on non-event days.

A diagram of the route taken by the nelson avenue special event bus stand buses from East Perth through the CBD 


Starting on Nelson Avenue in East Perth, next to Gloucester Park, is the pick-up point for the CBD shuttle bus service. The Bridge orientation will help focus buses and pedestrians away from residential streets.

The Swan River Pedestrian Bridge will land on the Burswood Peninsula, directly opposite Nelson Avenue.

Windan Bridge and Goongoongup Bridge

Approximately 8,600 people are expected to cross the existing Windan and Goongoongup bridges to access East Perth Station and East Perth car parks.

Together, the walkways on these bridges provide enough capacity to accommodate the expected crowd during the hour after an event at Perth Stadium.

However, small assembly areas will be built at the entrances on either side to ease the crowds onto and off the bridges.